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This is actually insanely embarrassing but today of all days, I really needed a reminder of how far I’ve come on this journey. The left is me on my 16th birthday and the other pic is from Halloween this year. I’m working towards something even bigger but this is a reminder that I’m that same girl who came this far and had the strength to do it, so I sure as fucking hell can take it even further. Just watch.

Size 16 to size 6.

This here is me. And dang it was hard to find a picture of me overweight. I avoided cameras like the plague. On the before picture, I was around 17 (i can tell by my beloved halo 3 jacket) and not even my highest weight.

Natasha ( my best friend took this pic! we’re two wild and crazy guys. 

When I was at my weight on the left, I carried most of my weight on my stomach and love handles, and I tried to hide it with black jackets. I lived an extremely sedentary lifestyle, and ate my feelings. On the right, I took this picture today (4/1/2014) i’m 21, and I am a personal trainer. I’ve gotten help for my feelings, and i’m currently studying to be a yoga instructor. :)

Getting active, getting help, and staying healthy has really changed my life. And like most before and after pictures say… If I have done it, you can too. It’s so true.

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#Transformationtuesday !! Sometimes I still feel like the girl on the left even tho it seems like a lifetime ago when that picture was taken. Back then I always wanted what I have now.. And I still don’t realize all the shit I’ve accomplished during the past few years. Just wanna keep kicking ass and eatin that peanut butter. 💪 #transformation #beforeandafter #fit #fitness #fitfam #gym #gymrat #motivation #determination #peanubutter #pb #selfie #vegan #bodybuilding #veganbodybuilding

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